Purchasing a home can be an exciting transition. Once a buyer has their pre-approval letter in hand it’s time to get out and explore. It’s generally expressed to purchasers to explore 3-5 different communities/areas of town before deciding to look at homes. Another great idea is to make your own drive to neighborhoods or areas before looking at homes to ensure that you like the area. One task that we are RE/MAX Premier ask buyers to do is to visit a Home Depot, Walmart, Publix, or an area Grocery Store to get a vibe of the patrons from the community which also gives you an opportunity to chat with the locals and see how they enjoy living in the community. The final suggestion would be to possibly do a night drive to that part of down to ensure that you like the traffic patterns and also complete a reverse commute to see how long it would take you to get to work from a particular area as well.