Condos and Townhomes are a great option for buyers that aren’t interested in maintaining a yard, exterior maintenances, or they are looking for a more secluded/confined/gated neighborhood. In Atlanta its best that you truly evaluate the cost of a community’s Home Owners Association (HOA) Fee. There are some communities that offer HOA fees as high as $1,000 per month in Atlanta which is equivalent to $222,000 in purchasing power. As a rule of thumb every $45 equates to $10,000 in purchasing power when asking yourself should I purchase an Attached Home vs a single family home. A Townhome is a fee simple purchase where the buyer owns the exterior walls of the home. In a condo the buyer owners the air-rights to the property and the HOA owns the structure and walls to each home. Consult with a RE/MAX Agent to discuss what type of purchase is right for you.