My Name is Jehmaul Labeach. I was born and raise in the small island of jamaica until the age of 14. I move to the city of Chicago where I attended high school and obtain a BA, in health service Management from DeVry University.

I am a Hard working individual with excellent interpersonal skills, I am highly motivated and am seeking employment to reflect my personal qualities in real estate.

As well as experience gained in the armed service for five years, I enjoy the stimulation of interacting with people through hard work. All my work experience in the military and other sectors have build in me a strong work ethic, excellent analytical skills, an ability to work under pressure and a strong desire to succeed in any environment. I have taken full advantage of the opportunity to practice an enhance my leadership abilities, communication and management skills and I am eager to continue to develop these skills where possible.

My main interest is diversity of cultures all around the world, and exploring them through things like food, art, fashion, literature and traveling also maintaining excellent health, working out and actively involved in regular exercise.

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